330 miles – longest drive yet

Friday was a very long drive up to TrackVRoad for some tweaks and checks to the car, then to Central TVR (also the TVR Power Bodyshop) for a quick fix to the underside of the front splitter. The car spent its first night outside for many months, as it was parked on the driveway ready … Read more

TVR Clearance

I measured the ride height before any adjustments are made, and after 800 miles of driving since the suspension was fitted. I used a stack of DVDs, with some very thin DVDs to see what could be slid under the relevant part of the car. I then measured the height of this stack with a … Read more


A few phone calls this morning lead to progress on a few fronts. I had a chat with Chris from Centre Gravity about raising the TVR suspension, then corner weighting the car and tuning the geometry for my requirements. This was very useful, and progress will be written up here. Following some e-mails with Craig … Read more

Scrape :o(

When we bought the car, Richard at Track V Road said we would scrape the front splitter. For nearly 3 months we avoided this, until today. An innoccuous-looking driveway central stone at a relative’s house caught the underside of the front splitter. Thankfully, it didn’t catch the front, just the underside. Even so, it has … Read more

2 more drives

We have had some good weather over the Christmas break, so the TVR has been out twice more since Christmas. Once with the Targe Top off and with a friend in the passenger seat who hadn’t seen the car yet, and then once with my wife driving the 1st half, and me the second the … Read more