Ready to go…

Planning to set off soon, just need to finish packing and load the car. New wiper blades fitted as the old ones were bit tired, and some overpriced beam deflectors purchased ready for fitting tomorrow… Not sure how much web access I will have, but will update this with news when I can.

Boot light

If you have read much of this blog, you will be aware of some issues I have had with batteries going flat, and after checking the car, no possible reason for them doing so. One of the first things I checked after battery issues, and I have done this multiple times, was the boot light. … Read more

58 hours until departure

Only 58 hours to go until we head off for the Ring. 80 hours until we can get on the track, where I will be driving very sensibly… Feeling most aware of the hazards associated with this trip. Took the Saab to a little Supra meet on Sunday, organised by Steve who is responsible for … Read more


The car has been in the garage since Friday, with regular checks on battery voltage. All seems good, it has settled down to a healthy 12.61 volts, which is what a fully charged battery should. The battery I removed, despite being fully charged by the charger and not on a car has dropped to 12.4 … Read more

Battery research

I am contemplating a battery maintenance device to leave attached when my car is in the garage. I think I want somethign which will hold voltage at 13.2 volts or thereabouts, some seem to maintain 14.4v, which is ok for a top-up charge but seems to be too high to maintain in the long term. … Read more

I think it is all working…

Phoned the garage at lunchtime, and they said the car was done. Got a lift over there and collected car. £88 to fit disks and pads. I guess they had to modify the pads to fit, but maybe I should have done it myself… New disks and pads look very nice on the car… They … Read more

In garage

Saab is in the garage today, Motorlink in Malvern, same place that did the MOT. They are doing the disks and pads, and hopefully they will do a good job. Changed the battery yesterday, bought a Numax 60Ah battery for 65.80 from Autostores in Malvern who seem to be a decent parts supplier. Nwe battery … Read more

Not again :o(

Ready to have a crack at changing the brake pads and disks, my Supra-driving friend arrived at 19:00 and we went out to the garage. The car didn’t respond to the remote – I knew immediately that the battery was going to be completely flat. This has happened before – see July 2006 , August … Read more


I think I may have the answer… It seems that the far edges of the ‘lugs’ at the ends of the pads have been ground/filed by a couple of mm. The circles in the below picture show the areas.

New vs old DS2500

Since the new DS2500s are going on soon, and I am foolishly contemplating doing the job myself, I decided I need to know more about what modifications might be needed to fit the pads into the 9000 callipers. Mention is made of grinding/filing bits, but it isn’t clear which bits… I therefore dug out the … Read more