Cracks – not a problem

I have heard from a few people now. I posted the issues to UK Saabs, Saabscene and a vehicles forum at work. The responses have basically come back with : This isn’t weld, it’s joint filler / seam sealer Despite looking like metal, it isn’t metal, it’s a type of mastic and can be dug-out … Read more


For a while now I have noticed cracks in some welds near the top of the suspension struts. The Ring trip doesn’t seem to have made these any bigger. I need to work out what to do about them. They are a factor in the decision as to whether I keep the car. On both … Read more

Nurburgring 2008 – Trip Report

I have blogged at length about the preparations for the trip, so now for the trip itself… Wednesday 23rd July Naomi didn’t get back from work until nearly 7pm, and by the time we have finished sorting everything out, we didn’t leave until 21:15. Coming down the road there is a bungalow with windows that … Read more