Service at WMSS

Saab has its pre-Ring service today at West Midland Saab Specialists Just under 2 months to go, so I wanted to have an early check as to whether there were any issues. It has an MOT due not long before the trip, so that will do as a later trip. Drive up was ok, they … Read more

Rust Repairs number 2

A few weeks ago I noticed some bubbling under the paint on the front drivers side wing. This time below the trip line at the rear of the wing. This is annoying since it isn’t long ago that I had rust at the top of the wing repaired. On Monday took the car to the … Read more


Had some funny effects going on with the car. On a couple of occasions the idle has been high – 1100rpm rather than 850 rpm. Then when the gt was driving it the check engien light came on. All else was fien so she brought it home. Flash code analysis showed that 5 flashes was … Read more


I noticed one of the sidelight clusters had a chunk taken out of the edge. It seemed structurally sound, but both seemed to be a bit green inside, so I decided to change them. It is easy enough to get them out, and the drivers side is fiddly to get back in. Luckily someone on … Read more