Another battery ruined….

I was going to take my Aero for a drive today as it hadn’t been out for a week.

No response to key-fob remote, open the bonnet, and the battery has a voltage of 0.0V.

Check voltmeter on my gf’s car – 12.4.

Remove battery and voltage rises to all of 0.2V

Truly knackered.

This battery is only a couple of months old as I bought it after the Croft trackday. The previous battery had a hard life and had sprayed acid twice – once when flattened completely my the alternator shorting overnight, and then again on the track.

At least the new battery has kept its acid to itself as in the past I have had to replace vacuum lines and brake servo vacuum hose because of it.

One test I have tried is an resistance measurement from +ve to -ve terminals now the battery is out.

This reads 1.9 Ohms.

If it had sat like this for a week, that would be enough to completely flatten the battery, but not at such as rate to to overheat it.

If these problems keep up I will be getting through batteries as fast as brake disks…

Why does my Aero go wrong as soon as I think all is fixed?

Lucky I only have insurance, Tax and MOT this month as well.

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