A few phone calls this morning lead to progress on a few fronts.

I had a chat with Chris from Centre Gravity about raising the TVR suspension, then corner weighting the car and tuning the geometry for my requirements. This was very useful, and progress will be written up here.

Following some e-mails with Craig at TrackVRoad, I spoke to Richard. The damaged fibreglass isn’t a problem if I use the car, which is good. I could spray the damaged bit with some stone-chip protection from Halfords if I wanted to. Their bodywork chap is not available on the day I am thinking of driving up, but they are happy to raise the ride height a little.

I spoke to the TVR Power Bodyshop, who are not too far from me. Adrian was very helpful, and thought he could cover over the damage while I waited for £5. I might try to see them on the way back from TrackVRoad. He also suggested that for £50 / hour one of their guys could raise the ride height, but TvR should have done that.

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