TVR back – faulty plug?

On Friday I had a call from Jason at TVR Power to say the car was fixed. He had driven it and it was ‘running like a donkey’ He had connected it to the computer, which said it was ‘running like a donkey’, with multiple faults. The spark plugs were checked, and the plug for … Read more

CAT driver training great, TVR not great

Today was dissapointing. I drove to Millbrook full of hope, and left with the car on a transporter 🙁 It was supposed to be a 2-person training day for us, but our baby became unwell so my wife ended up staying at home. This is the Performance Driving Day with CAT Driver Training, who are … Read more

Good insurance quote from Manning

The TVR is re-insured with Manning UK, who do special policies for TVRs. Admittedly the mileage is being put down again… 2011/2012 = 5000 miles, which we used all of. 2012/2013 = 3000 miles, which we used only a bit over 1000 (new baby…) 2013/2014 = 2000 miles, we shall see what we actually use. … Read more

A day of free car detailing!

Back in August I responded to a post on the Cotswold 3 Counties TVR Facebook page where Richard of Autocar Detailing was offering a free Enhancement Detail (worth £220), in return for use of photos of the photos and help with some text for an article in Sprint magazine. I responded to this, and was … Read more