First Breakfast Club of 2015

Link to an aerial photo of the breakfast club – The Tamora is 3rd up from the bottom

The TVR had about 6 weeks in the garage over Christmas and January, so Sunday 8th Feb was a good time to head out to a Shelsley Walsh Breakfast Club, with dry but cold conditions.

Tyre pressures all round were topped up and then, having been on the trickle charger, the car started fine after turning over a little longer than if just left for a few days, but then settled into a happy idle before we drove straight off. I don’t believe in letting a car sit at idle to warm up as a few people do, better to start driving which seems to be the consensus. And all that idling wastes fuel that could be spent driving!

The drive over was fine and quiet, I didn’t see any other cars headed that way but then, arriving at 09:10, it was very busy indeed. I was directed up the track to turn round and park, which I did. Initially trying to turn at the triangle before deciding I didn’t want a long excursion on the grass, reversing out, and then heading up to where the recovery truck parks to turn.

The TVR was parked with some rather expensive metal, a BMW i8 and a couple of Ferrari 458s in front.

Parked facing down the track
BMW i8
Next in the row – Ferrari 458 (then another)

While waiting for family to arrive, I had a wander around the paddock. I had missed out on the TVR parking, but there was another Tamora there which is I think the first time 2 have been at the event together (unlike those common 458s).

TVR Parking – I arrived too late
The other Tamora, looking very tidy
With Pistonheads smiley

After a bit of wandering and bumping into some friends the rest of the family + a niece joined us who had traveled separately and were parked in the overflow field. Not long ago the turnout was such that everybody could park in the paddock from exotica to barges, which is no longer the case. Having spoken to one of the chaps marshalling cars they were expecting a record turnout, which is quite something for February, and it was certainly as busy as I have ever seen it.

The queue for breakfast was tremendous, back into the paddock, so after a bit of looking at cars we decided to walk the hill.

Heading up the hill pushing a toddler in a buggy reminded me just how steep it is. As we climbed we rose out of the misty conditions at the lower level into sunshine.

View from the finish straight
Time for a rest
Back down the course on the descent

On returning to the bottom, the queue for breakfast was now at the restaurant door (and this was ~ 11:00), so after looking at a couple of the more interesting cars, we joined it.

A coffee bar had been opened the far side of the courtyard, but demand was significant for breakfasts and it took a little while to get the food, with me chasing a toddler around the courtyard while the others queued.

Lamborghini Aventador
“PopBang” Morgan

By this time of the late morning it was nice to sit outside in the sun for breakfast, so there were advantages to walking the hill first.

After a bit more toddler chasing around the courtyard it was time to head home. Next Breakfast Club – Sunday 8th March.