TVR Power dyno run

As I was curious about how much power my Tamora was making, I took it to TVR Power for a dyno run. I dropped the car off with Jason to get it strapped down, and then wandered towards Coventry to find some food (fish and chips) and got back in time for the runs to … Read more

Center Gravity

A busy day for the TVR planned – a suspension health check at Center Gravity followed by a trip to TVR Power for some rolling road time. The health check is not a full setup, but a series of checks / tests to see what state a car is in and decide what to do … Read more

Extra brake work planned

Had a chat with Dom at TVR Power this morning. Following the rolling road session they should be able to fit some new brake pads to the front. These will be the AP racing supplied CP6600D55-DS2500. I guess the extra numbers just show the fitment as well as DS2500 being the compound. I used DS2500 … Read more