Scrape :o(

When we bought the car, Richard at Track V Road said we would scrape the front splitter.

For nearly 3 months we avoided this, until today.

An innoccuous-looking driveway central stone at a relative’s house caught the underside of the front splitter.

Thankfully, it didn’t catch the front, just the underside. Even so, it has gone through the surface protection and scraped away a little glass fibre.

Maybe something that can get patched-up at Track V Road if I make it there this week, which is planned.

Other than that, the car behaved impeccably. My wife drove it down on a mix of A/B roads and motorway, and I drove back skipping the motorway for more A roads, which was fun 🙂

My wife was driving when it scraped – she suggested I got out to look at it, I said it would be fine. I was wrong.

Only a couple of weeks until we do a course with CAT driver training – it should be very useful 🙂








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