I have brakes!

I now have servo-assisted brakes and it is a wonderful thing. After my local garage dropped the pipe off last night I fitted it and went for a successful test drive. It looks like the fault was the acid-coroded one-way valve. Here is a pic of the old pipe : and a closeup of the … Read more

No servo assistance

Visitied my local garage on Friday. They agreeed that servo assistance has failed. Following the servo vacuum pipe from the manifold reveals that the one-way valve is located exactly where battery acid spray wrecked my vacuum pipes. Hopefully replacing this pipe and valve will fix the problem. I also fitted a new battery at a … Read more

warning light test

I hadn’t thought about the testing the warning light bulbs so have been outside turning the ignition on and off. With ignition on, the display in the bottom right hand corner comes up with the ABS, Battery and Handbrake warnings. After a second the ABS warning disapears. Some way right of the handbrake warning should … Read more

more brake testing

I have done some more testing of the servo. Before starting the car I pressed the pedal numerous times – it was fairly hard and may have become more so. I then started the car while pressing the pedal and it did indeed move downwards slightly. I drove the car for a bit and the … Read more

Finding out more

Visited my local autoparts store who can provide a FIAMM battery for £48 – should do the job but they have none in until Friday. As I drove home I had an idea about my brake problem. Upon reaching my road which slopes slightly downhill I slowed right down and turned the engine off. As … Read more

brake communications

I have been in touch with technical support at EBC brakes regarding their Redstuff pads. Here is the information I received from a few e-mails. Redstuff pads are unsuitable for trackdays and they do not recommend it They only recommend yellowstuff for trackdays And directed me to www.ebcbrakes.com – where it did indeed say “Fast … Read more

Brake and battery problems

The car is suffering from the trackday. Brakes first : As stated in the previous post they faded a bit on the track. From what I remember they were ok on the drive home. However now they have seriously limited stopping power. I can’t get the wheels to lock, and even gentle stops require plenty … Read more