All is well

Not much been happening with the car.

I went out for a drive with a bunch of Supra owners.

The twin-turbo variants are quite speedy, but the Saab held its own. They drove more swiftly than I was comfortable with on some parts so I dropped back a bit…

Some pics are here

The battery problems don’t seem to be showing. I give it a weekly top-up charge and all seems well. This past week it had lost very little voltage.

I had a go using Bilt-Hamber auto-clay on my car. This was hard work. It took a little off but I wonder whether, as my car has been polished multiple times, there wasn’t much there in the first place.

I think it would be easier to do in slightly warmer weather so the clay stays a bit more flexible.

I had a terrible time with the Bilt-Hamber Autobalm polish.

I think you need to, as the instructions say, apply then immediately remove.

I applied it as I had all my previous polishes, to the whole car, and then tried to remove.

No luck – it forms a matt finish of polish, and then going over it with my usual Autoglym polish hasn’t worked completely in getting rid of this matt layer.

After a couple of weeks I think the polish is maybe starting to come off and the car looks ok and still has the water repellent effect when it rains.

Not sure if I will give this clay/polish process another go or stick with what I know.

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