TVR Clearance

I measured the ride height before any adjustments are made, and after 800 miles of driving since the suspension was fitted.

I used a stack of DVDs, with some very thin DVDs to see what could be slid under the relevant part of the car. I then measured the height of this stack with a ruler. This is probably accurate to a few mm.

The measured heights, on an empty car with a full fuel tank, were as follows:

Centre of front splitter – 95 mm
Sill behind front wheel – 130 mm
Sill in-front of rear wheel – 136 mm
Rear diffuser behind rear wheel – 135 mm
Lowest point of exhaust / centre of rear diffuser = 163 mm

Front overhang from wheel centre ~ 77 cm (gives an approach angle of 7.1 degrees)

Given these are an empty car, add 2 people and the heights will be lower.

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