TVR Back

The Tamora has had rather a long holiday at Neil Garner’s waiting for: Dampers to be refurbed by Gaz and sent back Correct springs to be sent by Gaz as the initial shipment wasn’t right Setup, and then testing in dry conditions (hard to come by…) But the car was finished on Monday of this … Read more

No Breakfast Club this month

I had hoped to attend the Shelsley Walsh Breakfast Club as I did last month, although this time with the family. However, the TVR is still away at Neil Garner. This is in some respects a good thing as the dining room refurb has been dragging on and the garage is full of furniture, so … Read more

AFR discussions

I gave TVR Power a call and had a long chat with Jason about AFR who was very helpful. He had discussed some of this with me when the run was done, but that was a long day and I must have missed some of it. Summary seems to be: It is running a bit … Read more