DVLA Success

After last week’s DVLA fail I returned this lunchtime, cautiously pessimistic that something else would be wrong. On Friday I had received Section 10 of the V5, kindly returned by the new owner very quickly using recorded delivery. Arriving at the DVLA at 12:23 there was a warm stuffy room full of people and a … Read more

Gone, but not completely

Prepare yourself for one of my dullest posts yet (that’s quite a claim). I haven’t had to deal with the DVLA for a few years, but today hasn’t been successful. Given my buyer’s rapid timescale as his 9-5 Aero sold quickly, I wasn’t sure what could be done about the numberplate transfer, so first thing … Read more

Saab gone…

I guess this is the end of the Saab blog, subject to me putting up a few more photos and videos. I sold the Saab this evening to a good chap who I am sure will look after it well. In a pre-sale drive there was some clutch slip, but also some really high boost … Read more

Saab clean and debate on future

Having taken the car out this morning and given my sister’s bf a ride to demonstrate the Saab’s power, I then used it to go a few places round town, finally changed the tax disk, returned home and gave it a wash, dry, quick spin to dry the brakes off, then a clean of the … Read more