1 subscriber

This blog has one subscriber on Google reader, and he has just dropped by to mock me for that 🙁 He is also the chap who showed me how to set up a blog, and use Google reader, so it isn’t as if he has even decided to subscribe since he likes the content. So, … Read more

Llandow Trackday

I have returned from a successful trackday at Llandow, organised by the same Supra-driving friend who organised the Ring Trip. Very good of him 🙂 There was much debate in the preceeding week about the likely weather, and I was pondering whether to put on my more worn SO3 tyres or stick with the RE050A … Read more

Northloop sticker

Since I have been using the Northloop forum a bit, and met a few Northloop guys at the Ring, I decided it was time for a Northloop sticker. Ordered in small and medium sizes, but decided the medium was the best option, placed at the top of the windscreen. Slightly tricky to separate from backing, … Read more


The Saab still had 1/4 tank of French fuel left in it, the last fill-up from the Ring trip. Shows how much I have been driving it since then. Wanted to get a fresh tank of V-Power, but since Shell have closed all the convenient garages, and since there is nothing on the way between … Read more