A bracing drive…

For 13 days the TVR had sat in the garage, tucked up under blankets. A sunny Sunday was the ideal oppportunuty to go for a 3 hour afternoon drive. We headed down to Monmouth, and then into Wales, past Abergaveny, and round some assorted roads before making our way back through Hereford. The car is … Read more

A productive fixing session.

While the car drove 0 miles today, and wasn’t even started, we had a busy hour in the afternoon sorting a few things. – We removed the old CD player, and tidied up the carpet / cabling – I re-bonded the dipstick and filler cap. Hopefully they will stay together – I adjusted the heater … Read more

Too much warm air from windscreen vents

Driving down from TrackVRoad, I was struggling with in-car temperatures. The air-con was blowign cold, but there was a lot of hear in the cabin. While driving this morning, I noticed that while the dash vents pointed towards me were blowing cold, the windscreen vents were blowing lots of warm air! Following a quick search, … Read more

How much?

Some people seem to think that a TVR purchase is a sign of huge wealth, and that a yacht will be next. We certainly didn’t buy the cheaspest Tamora for sale, and also spent quite a bit less than the most expensive. The price we paid is still more than £1k less than the list … Read more

More tyres, and some driving

Following my last post about tyres, I started some discussions on Pistonheads and Northloop. There was a mix of opinions on the tyres, from “they will probably be fine” to “change them now before you die”. The opinion I liked most was to “use them up on a drift day”. This would be a good … Read more

TVR Tamora

Since the Saab was sold in April 2010, we have been a one-car couple. But no longer. Our desire to have a sports car has lead to a purchase. While an E46 M3, or a Nissan 350Z would have been the sensible choice, we ended up buying a 2002 TVR Tamora from TrackVRoad. A Pistonheads … Read more