Car wash! And toddler drive.

Would I normally blog about washing the TVR? No. But since it has been over one and a half years (553 days to be precise) since it was last washed, I thought it worthy of a mention (the threshold is quite low…).

The last wash back in October 2013 at Autocar Detailing was quite thorough and is reported here.

That had such a good finish that it shouldn’t be necessary to polish or wax the car the for time, just a wash and dry.

Given the car lives in a garage under a soft fitted cover, it doesn’t collect dirt at a rapid rate. Considering its low mileage and use typically on nice days only (About 1100 miles on that time), it hadn;t become too mucky.

But it was getting somewhat grimy, so time for a clean.

This is the first time it has been on the driveway since we moved house in 2013. It normally lives in a comfortable garage 5 minutes away. The driveway has an awkward dip / ramp and sunken drain cover so plenty of normal cars will scrape their nose if they come it carelessly. But by making some use of my neighbour’s drive, the TVR edged on. The driveway is on the to-do list, but there are a lot of things there.

Looking a bit grimy

The waterproofing on the roof still seems to be working well, nicely beaded.

With colour

After the wash and dry it was looking much better. There are some stone chips at the front, but those don’t worry me. I have other more important things I want to sort before I get down the the level of detail of worrying about such things. And if I do, then I would become even more paranoid about leaving the car parked in places other than car meets and the garage.


I tend not to use it with the rear screen raised, but this was part of the cleaning / drying time.

Nice day for it

I noticed a couple if little things that were not perfect.

This windscreen trim was coming loose. I have re-sealed it with some Sikalflex, but I have not done a perfect job. One to be tidied when the screen comes out for a re-trim.

Screen trim loose

And from washing a little condensation appeared inside the windscreen. Not too worried about this, the car is garaged and used in dry weather. Maybe windscreen removal / re-fitting (as above) would sort that too.

See above closest edge of wiper blade

When car washing, I like to take it for a good drive afterwards to get rid of any stray moisture and dry the brakes.

The little lad came out with me again, and almost immediately fell asleep! The TVR with its noisy exhaust seems to be a toddler sedative. I returned to the same spot I had been to in 2 previus years for the 3rd in a series of (unexciting) videos. Although a little later, April rather than Dec / Jan as the others.

Sleeping soundly

This time the little chap doesn’t even stir…

Spring 2015 toddler in TVR

And the previous videos are here:

Winter 2013/2014 smaller toddler in TVR

Winter 2012/2013 baby in TVR

We ended up missing the April Shelsley Walsh Breakfast Club, but plan to attend in May.