Oil, badge, phone and 102

Three topics for today’s post… Firstly, I finally got round to removing the hands-free phone kit that have been in my car for years. There are now some screw holes in the passenger footwell, but it’s better than the messy kit that preceeded it. There was sufficient space to hide the cables which saved me … Read more

Bad Journey

Drove down to Surry yesterday – wasn’t the best trip. As I approached the M50 a lorry drove past fairly slowly having left a rest area. About 1/3 of the way past the lorry something fairly big and hard hit my windscreen… my lovely new windscreen that has only been on the car 6 months. … Read more

All quiet

Not much exciting happening with the car. It still works, but sometimes seems to do a very quiet backfire when started after sitting for a few days. In preparation for the Saabscene trackday (28th May), it is booked in with WMSS in May for a service, a few more bits of poly in the suspension, … Read more