Well, it had to happen sometime… After paying for breakdown cover for 9 years, I have finally used it. Drive back from Llandow was fine, drive to Gloucester was fine, but drive back wasn’t 🙁 First thing I noticed was that the air-con wasn’t blowing cold. Quick check of the gauges, temperature is right up … Read more

Llandow – Trackday Writeup

A good time was had by all at Llandow. Even the chap who slid his BMW sideways and backwards into a tire wall seemed happy. He had been pushing v.hard, and when he was behind me for a bit I was only able to get away slowly, despite having more than 2 times the power…. … Read more

Wheel swap

It took 40 mins to swap to my older set of wheels and tyres. These are Bridgestone Potenza S03 tyres on my second set of Aero alloy wheels. The tyres are 4 years old, and have spent the last year in the garage, so are hopefully ok. They are much more work than the newer … Read more

Weight saving and spark plugs

Last night and this morning I put my car on a diet. No need for rear seats, parcel shelf, spare wheel, jack, and a few other bits and pieces. Results of the diet are listed below, everything in kg: Small Seat Base 6.9 Large seat Base 9.0 Big Seat Back 12.9 Small Seat Back 8.2 … Read more

Mot & pre-Trackday

Once again I am joining the Supra owners for a Trackday at Llandow. Since the Saab was coming up for its MOT, I thought it best to get this done early, to check the car was fine, and also to get the brake fluid changed. The fluid had only been in for a year, but … Read more