Our TVR is in lovely condition, but the ‘Bison’ interior doesn’t quite live-up to the shiny looks of the outside. TVR’s Bison trim is a synthetic leather and was a lower-cost option when ordering a car. Apparently it looked very nice when new, but ages worse than leather and then starts to look a bit … Read more

Fun day out booked

Well, a fun day of finding out more about the car. In two weeks time I will be out bright and early to drive to Center Gravity for a suspension ‘health check’. This will take a couple of hours and includes: – Test drive and report – Damper test and report – Inspect all suspension … Read more

Which pads are fitted?

I have exchanged a couple of e-mails with a helpful chap at AP Racing. They supply TVR Power with front pad # CP6600D55-DS2500 and rear pad # CP3915-42-DS25HP . So the front is a Ferodo DS2500 branded as AP, and the rear DS25HP is a “comfort version (low compressibility) of the DS2500 but fairly similar … Read more

Rolling road and brakes again

I had a chat with Jason at TVR Power yesterday. AP Racing DS25HP is apparently very similar to the Ferodo DS2500 pad, but different. That was the impression I got. TVR Power sell the front pads for £95 + VAT. Use of their rolling road was discussed. It costs £75 + VAT per hour. I … Read more

Further brake bias investigations

The brake bias saga rolls on. I have spoken to TrackVRoad and Dom and TVR Power about this. Dom’s thoughts were that it could possibly be a master cylinder fault and that it would be worth getting the car onto a rolling road brake tester at an MOT station. If these exist to do both … Read more

Baby seat fits!

Not long after buying the TVR, we found out that out family of two was going to become a family of 3. This car most definitly doesn’t seat 3. Our new baby boy arrived in September, but I was determined it wouldn’t stop be driving the car, so it had a couple of good outings … Read more