Oil, badge, phone and 102

Three topics for today’s post…

Firstly, I finally got round to removing the hands-free phone kit that have been in my car for years. There are now some screw holes in the passenger footwell, but it’s better than the messy kit that preceeded it. There was sufficient space to hide the cables which saved me having to cut them.

Secondly I have been investigating the oil drip from the engine. It is very slow – maybe only a few drops per week. I took some photos of the underside of the car, and I think you can see from this pic where the problem is. I have no idea what I am looking at so welcome any suggestions 🙂

Oil Drip

Finally, the bonnet badge on my car has changed… The plastic coloured layer has falen off, leaving a very shiny badge which is embossed with the Saab logo.

Besides that the car is fine. I am learning to live with my new windscreen chip.

What isn’t fine is paying £1.02 per litre for Optimax… 🙁

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