2nd Shelsley Breakfast Club

After Friday’s rainy drive, the weather forecast for Sunday morning was good, so we decided to go to the Shelsley Walsh Breakfast Club. This time as a family of 3 rather than just me. This leads to a problem with the TVR’s lack of seats, but a friend was also attended and kindly provided transport, … Read more


This morning our baby was with my parents, so we took the chance to both go out in the TVR, and to get a tank of the catchily-named Shell “V-Power Nitro +” as the car always runs on premium fuel, preferably V-Power. There was a risk of showers, so we left the roof on. The … Read more

Prescott TVRs

No hillclimbing for the Tamora, but I was timing at Prescott today, which happened to have a round of the TVR Speed Championship. It was a sunny day, but not too warm which was good. Timing went well, there were 4 of us on which gave me a chance to have a wander around the … Read more