Mondeo Voltage

I used my gf’s Mondeo for a comparison test, again using the cigarette lighter for a voltage measurement. After starting, voltage hit 14.55 volts, and by the end of a 20 min run had settled to 14.2V running and 14.15V at idle. Restarting was at 14.0V, but then climbed back to 14.3V, and then subsided … Read more

Voltage update

Just took the car for a drive using a cable from the cigarrette lighter attached to a multimeter to read voltage. The battery voltage when the car had been left overnight was 12.3V. I attached it to the charger which took a few mins to bring it up to 15v before it dropped to the … Read more

Not charging enough?

The car spent has now spent over a week with the battery in and it works fine. Over the 6 days when it was connected and not driven the voltage dropped was 12.7 to 12.4 volts. It started perfectly, and terminal voltage was 14.3V at idle immediately after starting. The car had a number of … Read more

Can’t find anything wrong…

Hello I did a bit more research on modes of battery failure and none of them looked that likely. I managed to recharge the battery this time, and it seemed to charge to the proper voltage and stay there. I then started doing some tests connecting it to the car. The first couple of time … Read more