Tamora Breakfast Club

A grey and then rainy March Sunday saw a record numbers of TVRs at the Shelsley Walsh Breakfast Club, including 4 Tamoras. Before last month I hadn’t seen another Tamora there, so to get 4 and chat with the owners was great. From this Pistonheads thread, which also has some pictures, I knew we were expecting a few.

Shelsley Video Here.

I think the TVRs covered S-series, Wedge, Chim, Griff, Tamora, T350, Tuscan and Sagaris, which is a pretty complete set for a non-TVR event.

There was also a Sporting Trial going on, so something extra to watch.

Since I expected it to be busy, I set off extra early (with the roof off, which was cold) and following a traffic-free drive was one of the first to arrive at 08:15. It was nice to be offered a place in the central parking area but, as the roof was off with rain expected (and the car a bit grubby), I declined and took my usual garage in the TVR area.

As I parked up Keith and Jamie parked next to me in a Wedge and following a quick chat we decided to get breakfast before the queue built up, which was a good idea.

Tamora and Wedge – and empty parking

After breakfast we saw the rest of the TVR parking fill up before a second convoy of TVRs arrived including Bobhon’s Tamora (pictured last month).

TVR Parking

While talking TVRs I saw a 3rd arrive with an interesting exhaust note and the sound of squeaky racing brakes.

Wandering over for a chat I met SteveSPG and the reason for the different exhaust note became obvious. 7 litres of LS7 V8 power in a very tidy install. (extra pic).

Nice colour

Wandering around the paddock a new convoy of TVRs arrived and I met Nick, the 4th Tamora owner of the day. These TVRs had driven all the way from West London, which is a fair run for a Sunday morning. I failed to get a photo of the cars.

There were many other interesting cars around but, by that time the rest of the family had arrived and I was looking after a toddler so only took a few photos.

Nice Tuscan

Centre lock wheels and in the overflow. Sporting trial in the background.

I then did a bit more toddler chasing while the family queued for breakfast, by 11:15 the queue was only just out of the door rather than in the paddock. We visited the water mill which was running and is interesting.

Mini Marshall
Ready to race

Our very late breakfast finished just before 12, and by now it was rather wet and a lot of people had left.


The TVR was nice and dry in its garage, so I put the roof on ready for the drive, stopping to use it for its best role as a shopping car on the way home. It is starting to look a bit grimy and it might be time for a wash soon, although it is only 17 months since the last wash, so that seems a bit hasty. Looking forward to next month – although it seems likely it will get even busier as the weather improves.

Not so clean