Chat with Centre Gravity

While researching my brake issues, I gave Chris at Centre Gravity a call. I had spoken to Chris before the CAT driver training, and was waiting on the results of the training to see whether the suspension needed further work. Based on the handling pan tests, the suspension setup seems to be ok, but the … Read more

More drips

Checking the TVR a day after parking it in the garage, there were a few new drips on the piece of white paper, and a small amount of coolant was visible running down the radiator. When I returned to the car after a week, there had been more drips, so 1/2 the paper was damp, … Read more

Seaside driving

A sunny Sunday, so we headed off to the seaside and took the TVR to Weston-super-Mare. A fair drive, but I had never been there before. On Saturday I had checked the tyre pressures with my new Draper pressure gauge – the hose and presure release button are both very useful. We set off at … Read more

Wash and drive

Having bought an immaculately clean car from TrackVRoad, we had clocked up 1000 winter miles without washing the car. I don’t use car washes (a bad idea on a TVR anyway), and finding a nice day to wash the car, dry the car, and then take it for a good drive on dry roads, not … Read more

CAT Driver Training – Postponed

Sadly tomorrow’s day out to CAT Driver Training has had to be postponed 🙁 We were both really looking forward to it, but after a very mild winter in which we have done 1000 miles in the TVR, it has finally turned cold and snowy. We returned home at 16:15 following a trip to the … Read more