2 more drives

We have had some good weather over the Christmas break, so the TVR has been out twice more since Christmas.

Once with the Targe Top off and with a friend in the passenger seat who hadn’t seen the car yet, and then once with my wife driving the 1st half, and me the second the half of the drive.

The first drive was out through some country roads to visit a strange construction, which looks like a castle, but was built in more recent times to provide interesting landscape features for a local stately home (Croome Court).

The second drive repeated some of the same route, and included stopping off at a friends house. They have just bought a Monaro, so I thought I would bring the TVR over. The Monaro sounds likes it has been a bit of a tail-happy handful, whereas the TVR has behaved impeccably so far – but I am driving it carefully.

The TVR was fine on both drives, oil temps went to 70, water temps in the range 70 – 80, and oil pressures all looked good. I want a more accurate tyre pressure gauge to make sure I am not running them a bit firm (currently using the on-pump gauge), and I have a new tread depth gauge to test.

The weather was nice and dry, and there were decent levels of grip when using more vigorous acceleration / braking.

I am very much looking forward to our CAT Driver Training day, but it will not be for at least 1 month due to a lack of free time.

A few pics below.

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