The Saab returns

I travelled up to Birmingham on the train to collect the now fully functional Saab. £396.86 for the headgasket, all the work, new thermostat and a few other bits and pieces such as an oil and filter change. Seems ok to me. Chatted with Paul at WMSS about his track car and what I should … Read more

Work finished

Just spoke to WMSS, the car is ready, has been road tested, and all is fine. The corner of the radiator where a few drops were spotted seems to be ok now the car isn’t over-pressuring massively, but if I do notice any future coolant issues, I’ll remember to check there. Cost appears to be … Read more

Head Gasket Update

Just spoke to Paul at WMSS. John has been working on the car, the head is off, and being cleaned up. It seems the head gasket had gone, but there appears to be no further damage. The head is flat, and there is no pitting. They are therefore replacing the head gasket and thermostat, and … Read more

Saab gone to WMSS

Britannia rescue have sorted transport of my Saab to West Midland Saab Specialists They normally only transport it up to 10 miles, and after that it is £1/mile. I talked them up to 12 miles, but then I have a further 36 miles each way to pay, so an extra £72. The truck arrived within … Read more