Another attempt at fixing the gearbox drip

It looks like WMSS efforts fixing the a leak from the reversing light switch didn’t work. Oil was still escaping from my gearbox, albeit very slowly. Not fancying a trip to Birmingham as I am very busy at the moment, I decided to go to a new local garage who have been doing work on … Read more

Another service complete

Yesterday the car was back at WMSS for more work. Had the usual oil and filter change. Mobil 1 5W40 went in although the garage would use 0W30 fully synth if left to their own devices. I am doing some more research to find out which is the most suitable oil for my use, and … Read more

3rd Battery

I have another battery I tried charging the 0.0V battery. Charging it on a constant voltage power supply thr current drain increased with time. Charging it on a car charger the voltage fell as the current rose… I managed a couple of times to get it up to 11 volts, but both times it fell … Read more

Lovely new oil

Received my lovely Mobil 1 yesterday : 6 litres for 33 Euros works out at £22.50 If a 4 litres is £39 in the UK, and 1 litre bottles are £12.99 as they were at the weekend in Halfords, buying the same volume would costs £65 (or £58.5 if you bought multiple 4 litre bottles. … Read more