Returned from holiday

The car behaved perfectly over my holiday to France. Clocked up about 1400 miles in a week, and returned with a very full boot of oil (5W40 fully synth), wine, beer, cookware and food. Due to changing plans had to drive 560 miles on Sunday which wasn’t much fun. Did 420 miles before refuelling which … Read more

Sliding under car

I decided to get my car up on axle stands and take a closer look at where the oil is coming from. This image shows my axle stand point, and a nice shiny suspension bush… The drip was quite visible, as was the sealant around the new bolt. However round the back, towards the inside … Read more


Just been peering under the car and I can see another drip forming… At this rate of loss – less than one drip per day I am not running out of oil in a hurry but it is annoying me. I think the gearbox will be fine for my couple of thousand miles on the … Read more