Too much warm air from windscreen vents

Driving down from TrackVRoad, I was struggling with in-car temperatures. The air-con was blowign cold, but there was a lot of hear in the cabin.

While driving this morning, I noticed that while the dash vents pointed towards me were blowing cold, the windscreen vents were blowing lots of warm air!

Following a quick search, I found this Pistonheads post:

A T350 owner seems to have the same problem, and Graham Varley suggests the following as a fix:

ON POD 8 menu the flap zero is critical to whether the car cooks or not regardless if you have aircon or not!.

I spent loads of time on it but it works a dream now; to check this:-

I selected cold and maximum fan and adjusted the zero position until nearly all the airflow was to the lower dash vents only. My flap setting was 0, but now 26 (factory setting understood to be 16). Remember to save the settings

When the car is warmed up and cold is selected no hot air comes through the top vents anymore, only if it is selected.

It will take some time to set up but, if this doesn’t work theres a chance the flap may have come loose off the motor, or the flap motor failed. It’s in the gasketed box behind the aircon expansion valve/pipes. Usually get a Flap fault-126 warning if faulty, but I’ve not needed to get in there yet.

I will see if I can do this…

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