More tyres, and some driving

Following my last post about tyres, I started some discussions on Pistonheads and Northloop.

There was a mix of opinions on the tyres, from “they will probably be fine” to “change them now before you die”.

The opinion I liked most was to “use them up on a drift day”. This would be a good way to learn about the car, wear-out the tyres, and not have the high-speeds of a regular trackday.

The car came out of the garage yeterday (Friday) so I could get a new garage window fitted. Sadly, it then started to rain heavily so the car sat in the rain for some time. Seemed to be fine though, so that was a good test. it was all pointless though, as the window company cancelled. Very annoying.

It came out today for a proper drive, on fast country roads, without traffic. It behaved very well. I am still driving it relatively steadily, although I did manage a few bursts of 2nd gear near full-throttle acceleration. It went over speed bumps in a car park fine, fitted in some shopping, and drove perfectly. Oil and water temps were all good. We even found a few goodies in the glovebox – an iPod cable, some glasses, a pair of gloves, and a print-out of instructions for a TVR Car Club day out in the Manchester Area.

When we got home we had a go at checking the oil levels. It is hard to tell as the oil seems frothy on top and I couldn’t get a distinct line of the dipstick. Either way, there appeared to be plenty in there. The oil can be heard draining away once the engine is stopped.

At home I had a look at removing the CD changer. The changer came out easily, and is surprisingly heavy. However, the mounting brackets (to the left and right of the changer) have been fitted through cuts in the carpet. To get to the part of the bracket where they screw into the bulkead, I will need to peel all that backing carpet off. I believe it is glued, and will need to check.

Defunct CD changer

Mounting brackets

We took one of the rear speakers off. They are vintage-looking Boston 13cm speakers. There were no obvious holes to screw them back into (covered by carpet), but it worked in the end. I will buy a better set of 13cm speakers, since the bass come on the passenger side unit is not working properly.

Speaker removed from rear bulkhead
Old faulty speaker

The car is starting well every time, driving well and I am happy. Just a few little niggles to sort out (and a re-trim) until it is perfect.

Parked and still clean







On driveway

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