A bracing drive…

For 13 days the TVR had sat in the garage, tucked up under blankets. A sunny Sunday was the ideal oppportunuty to go for a 3 hour afternoon drive.

We headed down to Monmouth, and then into Wales, past Abergaveny, and round some assorted roads before making our way back through Hereford.

The car is now looking a bit dirtier than when we bought it – the drive to Oxford is responsible for most of that. But we have done 500 miles this month, better than the 125 miles / month the car has averaged in its life so far.

Everything went well, although the display did come up with an AC Fault which I cleared and it didn’t come back. The AC was turned off at the time. AC wasn’t needed – we were propperly chilled when the got home, but it was a clear afternoon, so the roof stayed down 🙂

We need to look at ways to stop sharp points appearing in the rear screen when we fold it down. We did our best, but there are still 2 points immediately behind the roof bars.

Filled the car up with Shell V-Power again – 27.3 mpg since the last fill. Not bad.

On coming back we passed a collection of MX-5s, all with their roofs down, in a layby that had a cafe. It was downhill, and I down-shifted to give a lot of popping on the overrun as we went past 🙂

I took a few little videos of the start sequence and a bit of gentle acceleration.

Pre-start sequence, and a very quick run through the menus

Start, and a view of the detailed display

Gentle acceleration

Getting dirty

Getting dirty

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