Roof down drive and new speakers

We took the car for a good drive to Oxford and back today.

The drive there, leaving at 07:30, had damp roads and a lot of mist over the Cotswolds. In air temperatures of ~ 13C, the car seemed to have oil and water temps of ~ 70C, asnd oil pressure in the high 40s at 2500 – 3000 rpm.

We left the car in the park and ride at 09:00. The car is now a little dirty 🙁

We returned at 13:00, by which time the roads had dried out. We drove part-way back with the roof on, and then took it off and folded down the rear screen. It was then a very fun drive back. A lot more interesting exhuast noise, and it sounds very good (and loud) when pushed to higher revs, although I still think I am some way off using full throttle.

When we returned home, there was enough light left to replace the rear speakers. The old ones came out easily, and we then screwed the new ones straight in. No pre-drilling. Hopefully this has worked, they seem to be firmly attached. Having 2 working speakers should be better than one working, one faulty, and these speakers should look and perform better than the ones that were in the car.

Old Boston speaker on left, new Pioneer TS-E1702i on right

Front of speakers, old left, new right

17 cm speaker mounting hole – passenger side

17 cm speaker mounting hole – passenger side. Looks like some insulation was hacked away when they first installed the deeper speaker. I believe 13cm speakers were standard

One old, one new

New speaker

Old speaker

Old speaker – grill off

New speaker – grill off

Job done 🙂

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