Saab gone…

I guess this is the end of the Saab blog, subject to me putting up a few more photos and videos.

I sold the Saab this evening to a good chap who I am sure will look after it well. In a pre-sale drive there was some clutch slip, but also some really high boost levels, it is pulling well.

Just over 8 years of happy Saab ownership come to and end. I might publish how much that has cost me in a future post…

Now we are a one-car household, hopefully over the next year I can save enough funds to purchase an interesting replacement car that will suit my varied needs, and be better suited to occasional track driving.

A few pics, and some of the interior, as that isn’t often shown.

Side view






2 thoughts on “Saab gone…”

  1. Ford Focus, easy choice, in many ways it will be just like the SAAB i.e. it will get you from A to B, but in some ways it will be very different i.e. you will not have to spend all your free time working on it, it just works!

    • But it many ways it won’t be like the Saab…

      Ford Focus isn’t an option. I know what sort of car I want, and when I want to buy it, just need to be patient and put money away.

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