Saab clean and debate on future

Having taken the car out this morning and given my sister’s bf a ride to demonstrate the Saab’s power, I then used it to go a few places round town, finally changed the tax disk, returned home and gave it a wash, dry, quick spin to dry the brakes off, then a clean of the door seals etc., hoovered the inside, and finished with a longer drive before putting it straight into the garage.

Mileage is now 128,142, so still less than 1000 miles since the last service. I can however now see the oil on the dipstick and check the level. Before, the oil was so clean it was nearly impossible to judge the fill level.

Oil now dark-enough to see

The car looked good after its clean. It wasn;t very dirty, but some brake dust had built-up on the alloys.

I also decided to start a debate on the car’s future on UKSaabs.

Pics of the car after washing, and being wrapped-up in the garage following a good blast on country roads.


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