DVLA Success

After last week’s DVLA fail I returned this lunchtime, cautiously pessimistic that something else would be wrong.

On Friday I had received Section 10 of the V5, kindly returned by the new owner very quickly using recorded delivery.

Arriving at the DVLA at 12:23 there was a warm stuffy room full of people and a 25 minute wait… As I had a numbered ticket, I decided to go for a wander to a scenic viewing point that overlooks the river Severn and some sites of the battle of Worcester.

I got back to the DVLA about a minute before my ticket was called (probably to the annoyance of others sat there), and a helpful member of staff sorted everything out. The new keeper should get a V5 and MOT by the 28th April, and I should get the numberplate retention form a couple of weeks after that.

Success 🙂

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