Rolling road and brakes again

I had a chat with Jason at TVR Power yesterday.

AP Racing DS25HP is apparently very similar to the Ferodo DS2500 pad, but different. That was the impression I got.

TVR Power sell the front pads for £95 + VAT.

Use of their rolling road was discussed. It costs £75 + VAT per hour.

I would like to find out:
– How much power the car is producing
– How well it is mapped
– Whether it is running as well as it should
– Whether there is a strange noise I can hear at high revs / power, or if it is in my head

May try to get out there for a morning in November, get it on the rolling road and either collect the pads or have them fit the pads if I feel lazy.

Also had an e-mail from Ford – apparently their technical people have sent me some information through the post, so hopefully that will arrive soon and I can find out the specification of the standard valve.

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