Our TVR is in lovely condition, but the ‘Bison’ interior doesn’t quite live-up to the shiny looks of the outside.

TVR’s Bison trim is a synthetic leather and was a lower-cost option when ordering a car. Apparently it looked very nice when new, but ages worse than leather and then starts to look a bit dirty and in our car some of the surface is flaking off slightly. When we looked at cars, not all the cars with full leather were that good either, some may have not been cared for very well and looked quite worn, sometimes with split bolsters on the seats.

While no means essential, and the car still looks quite good in my opinion, a re-trim would be a big change and make it look a lot more exciting. A full re-trim includes the seats, carpets, door cards, dashboard and a few other bits and pieces. It can also be a good time to get the seat-backs sprayed to match the car’s paintwork (rather than just being black).

I have spoken briefly to two companies about this both of whom have very good reputations. They were both very helpful over the phone.

First up was D&C Trim. They are based in the old TVR Factory and quoted around £4400 for everything including steering wheel

Second was The Trim Technician. Based in Blackpool, and he quoted in the range of £2600 to £3000, excluding steering wheel (it is black, and probably doesn’t need doing).

There are just quick quotes over the phone, and one can’t really compare without full and detailed quotes. But it is tempting…

The car appears as below, although I think the pictures are a bit flattering.

View from above
From behind - The seat backs could be colour-coded to the bodywork
With baby seat fitted. There is no airbag. Click to zoom
Some discoloration of carpets. Click to zoom

Could maybe do a black and blue version of this:

Black and blue version of this? Click for PH thread

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