Fun day out booked

Well, a fun day of finding out more about the car.

In two weeks time I will be out bright and early to drive to Center Gravity for a suspension ‘health check’.

This will take a couple of hours and includes:
– Test drive and report
– Damper test and report
– Inspect all suspension systems and components including dampers, springs, bushes and ball joints
– Tyre data check and adjust
– Ride height check and report
– Corner weight check and report

The result should be a better knowledge than I currently have of the car’s setup. Chris from Center Gravity has a very good reputation and it will be good to know his views on the setup accompanied by some accurate measurements. Chris also has plenty of views on the brake issues so it will be good to discuss those with him.

When that is done, I will drive 30 minutes to TVR Power to take the car on their rolling road.

From this I will get to know the power / torque of the engine, the air-fuel ratio throughout the rev range, and an expert view on how well it is running.

Should be a good day out – unless I find things are wrong. But better to find out rather than be surprised at some point.

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