CAT Driver Training – Postponed

Sadly tomorrow’s day out to CAT Driver Training has had to be postponed 🙁

We were both really looking forward to it, but after a very mild winter in which we have done 1000 miles in the TVR, it has finally turned cold and snowy.

We returned home at 16:15 following a trip to the very quiet shops in our Mondeo which is running proper winter tyres, Dunlop Wintersport 3D. See here for their use in France last winter.

The main roads through town are now covered. It isn’t a lot of snow, but because it is cold it has settled. Conditions are quite slippery, even with winter tyres. The TVR on its summer tyres would be dangerous.

Maybe it will all be gone in the morning, but it seems unlikely, and the snow is due to fall through the night to the east where the training is held (Millbrook).

Jo and Colin have been very good about being flexible with the date, and had been happy to leave it to today to decide what we would do. Hopefully the weather will be ok later in the month and we can do the training, which we are both really looking forward to.

For now, the TVR stays tucked up safely in its garage.

16:15 today - The TVR remains tucked away in the garage

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