Seaside driving

A sunny Sunday, so we headed off to the seaside and took the TVR to Weston-super-Mare. A fair drive, but I had never been there before.

On Saturday I had checked the tyre pressures with my new Draper pressure gauge – the hose and presure release button are both very useful.

We set off at 08:15, annoyed because once again they had been road gritting. No sign of the temperatures dropping below zero, but they still gritted 🙁 Luckily this was only for the first 20 miles, then the rest of the 165 mile trip was fine.

I drove down, and the car behaved very well. The seafront road had speed bumps, but the TVR, following its nose lift, had no problems, and there were plenty of parking spaces at 10am on a Sunday.


Weston seems like a pleasant place, following a good walk road, some breakfast, and then some fish and chips later, we headed back home. The locals / tourists had the good taste to look at the noisy TVR as it burbled slowly along.

B plates

The drive back was fine. On the M5 I swapped with Naomi and she drove. We stopped in the only service station I have come across that has a lot of speed bumps. It might have been Michael Wood on the Northbound M5.

On returning home we had a bit of a garage sort, as my Robot Wars robot (photos) is being donated to a school next week. This makes more space for bikes / car.

I noticed a few drips under the car. They felt more like coolant than oil, and the location coincides with a corner of the radiator. I shall have to investigate further and keep an eye on coolant levels.



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