Not again :o(

Ready to have a crack at changing the brake pads and disks, my Supra-driving friend arrived at 19:00 and we went out to the garage.

The car didn’t respond to the remote – I knew immediately that the battery was going to be completely flat.

This has happened before – see July 2006 , August 2006, November 2006 and December 2006 for details.

Car had then been fine until now.

UK Saabs thread here

Lift bonnet, apply multi-meter. 0.05 volts.

That’s not just flat, that’s super-flat

Remove the battery, and after 15 mins it is up to 2.0 volts.

It is currently in my kitchen charging – it seems to quickly go to 12.4 volts, drop to 12.06, and was at 12.11 when I left it, with the charger smelling very hot…

I gave up on the brakes. Had even bought a bench grinder at lunchtime, but that can go back.

I am now depressed with the car. Since Friday I have bought new disks, new pads, need a new battery, potentially have issues with the charging system, and it needs to go to the garage so that is more £££.

Not a happy Saab driver 🙁

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