In garage

Saab is in the garage today, Motorlink in Malvern, same place that did the MOT.

They are doing the disks and pads, and hopefully they will do a good job.

Changed the battery yesterday, bought a Numax 60Ah battery for 65.80 from Autostores in Malvern who seem to be a decent parts supplier.

Nwe battery seems to hold mroe charge than the old one – I gave it a top-up charge before fitting, and despite beign 12.6 volts owhen I bought it, which is higher than my old battery normally sat, it took a lot longer for the voltage to rise under charge, so I reckon that means more capacity.

When I out it in the car in the evening it was on 13.0 volts.

Current drain from the systems when shut down was 30mA, which is fine.

In the morning the battery was at 12.83 volts. Seems good and charged to me.

Just after starting it, voltage was 14.3 volts with sidelights and no air-con

14.23 volts with daytime runing lights and air-con

That all sems good as well.

I have some time vs. voltage measurements for recharging the old battery which I will post here later, as well as some photos of the new brake disks.

I am waiting worriedly while my car is in the garage… It is unnerving using a nwe garage. They have done numerous MOTs on my car, and gave my gf’s old Mondeo a check-over for free which was nice, but what will they do with my brakes :o|

Updates later…

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