I think it is all working…

Phoned the garage at lunchtime, and they said the car was done.

Got a lift over there and collected car.

£88 to fit disks and pads. I guess they had to modify the pads to fit, but maybe I should have done it myself…

New disks and pads look very nice on the car…

They drive well too. Even from new they were responsive, maybe because I remembered to clean the surface of the disks with meths which got all the grease off…






Ferodo Racing DS2500

After work I took the car for a bit of a drive, and built up some temperature in the brakes, although perhaps not enough to bed them in fully. Bit of a dilemma on bedding in since :

Ferodo instructions:
“25 to 30 trial brake applications, each of approximately 4 seconds, using around 50% of normal race pedal pressure”

And “to optimize the performance and life of both brake pads and disks during the bedding-in period heat in braking system should be built up progressively”

Which I guess the above does.

The Brembo disk instructions say:

“The user of the vehicle should run in the brakes and pads for at least 200km, applying the brakes gently and sparingly, and without activating the ABS”

So disks want a different approach to pads.

Also took some pics of the engine with the new battery in.



new battery

engine angle


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