Another service complete

Yesterday the car was back at WMSS for more work.

Had the usual oil and filter change. Mobil 1 5W40 went in although the garage would use 0W30 fully synth if left to their own devices. I am doing some more research to find out which is the most suitable oil for my use, and a question has been posted to the knowledgable oilman on the XPower forums.

My rear brake pads were removed, cleaned and refitted. The squeak is still present though. Not sure what to do now.

The turbo coolant and oil feed pipes were replaced. These looked ok from the top but the underside was rusty and flaking.

The charging system was checked and all seems to be ok. I guess the failed battery was just faulty.

A new pollen filter cost £39 + vat 🙁

The oil drip from the bottom of the gearbox was tracked down to the “reverse selector switch”. Apparently this was fitted without a seal, which seems rather strange as if it had been replaced, new switches come with the seal. A different type of seal has been fitted and hopefully the problem will be sorted.

Images of the oil which escaped, and the drip location are below.

Oil drip analysis

The mechanic thought there was a whining noise from the left side of the engine which could be one of two idler pullys or the power steering pump. Unlikely to be the alternator as that is only 15 months old… I can’t hear the whine, and as I had just coughed up £320 for work, am happy to leave it until it gets a bit louder.

The car is now nearly “perfect” other than my squeaky brake and the whine I can’t hear.

Everything is working well and in good condition.

What will go wrong next?

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