Another attempt at fixing the gearbox drip

It looks like WMSS efforts fixing the a leak from the reversing light switch didn’t work.

Oil was still escaping from my gearbox, albeit very slowly.

Not fancying a trip to Birmingham as I am very busy at the moment, I decided to go to a new local garage who have been doing work on my gf’s car. They operate out of an unnatractive estates with many derelict units, but the guy who runs it seems very good and has a good reputation.

Once the car was elevated I had a clearer view of the gearbox, as shown in these photos.

From what he could tell the leak seemed to be coming from the bolt at the bottom. There was no evidence of an oil trail above it.

The bolt was removed and refitted with some gasket sealing compound.

Hopefully this will do the trick. My drip-tray is back under the car so I will wait and see.

While I was there I took some more photos – my new turbo pipes

and the shiny end piece of my exhaust.

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