3rd Battery

I have another battery

I tried charging the 0.0V battery.

Charging it on a constant voltage power supply thr current drain increased with time. Charging it on a car charger the voltage fell as the current rose…

I managed a couple of times to get it up to 11 volts, but both times it fell over a couple of days to 9.5 volts when not connected.

I put my old “acid spray” battery in the car. This has been in for 9 days and working fine. I even left it for a week and it started with no problems.

Tests with my multimeter indicate a drain of about 35mA which seems acceptable.

I returned the damaged battery today and intend to fit the replacement this evening.

The car is booked in with WMSS for a service soon. A whole 3 months between oil changes! I am also getting the slow oil drip looked at (think it’s still there), new pipes on the underside of the turbo, my squeaky rear brake sorted, and the charging system checked.

Maybe someday everything will be perfect all at once!

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