No Breakfast Club this month

I had hoped to attend the Shelsley Walsh Breakfast Club as I did last month, although this time with the family.

However, the TVR is still away at Neil Garner. This is in some respects a good thing as the dining room refurb has been dragging on and the garage is full of furniture, so it is useful that the car is away.

There were a couple of delays – Gaz sent the refurbed dampers, but with the wrong springs so those had to go back and wait for replacements.

It was then all fitted and setup by Thursday and Neil wanted to take it for a thorough test drive, but conditions were very wet, so harder to explore the dynamic capabilities. They were off on Friday for a weekend’s racing with their Mosler. Given the choice of collecting the car for the weekend, but without the test drive and having to give-up the garage space, or waiting until early next week, I chose the latter.

Back to decorating…

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