TVR Back

The Tamora has had rather a long holiday at Neil Garner’s waiting for:

  • Dampers to be refurbed by Gaz and sent back
  • Correct springs to be sent by Gaz as the initial shipment wasn’t right
  • Setup, and then testing in dry conditions (hard to come by…)

But the car was finished on Monday of this week, so I went down this morning to collect it.

Gaz did the refurb work under warranty, so all I paid for was £40 for the springs.

It was a slightly convoluted route to the garage. A friend on his way to work took me as far as the big Tesco at Cirencester, arriving at 07:30 where I waited and had a large breakfast. At 08:30 I was picked up by Paul and taken on to Neil Garners.

We had a good chat about the car and its setup, which Neil considers to be improved. Neil noted that the rear dampers were set to 4 clicks from soft on one side and 10 from soft on the other. Not settings I had applied, the last time these were adjusted was at Center Gravity.

Neil also noted that, when he took it on a spirited test drive, it was definitely locking a front wheel first. This is good, and I still need to decide about swapping out the adjustable valve.

We also had a good look at the highly-developed LS7-engined Mosler race car he runs and his racing Chimaera.

The setup is now:

  • Front camber -0.75
  • Rear Camber -1.10
  • Front Toe -1.0
  • Rear Toe  -1.5
  • Front dampers 11 clicks from soft
  • Rear dampers 8 clicks from soft
  • Front ride height – At my request 105mm at front splitter centre
  • Some rake applied to match this, exact rake not reported
  • Front springs 400 lb/in
  • Rear springs 375 lb/in

Driving back it felt fine. Subtly different, but nothing I could quantify. Motorway was ok as was A-road. Rear suspension coped with a few undulations that might have caused rubbing before.

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